Traits of Prophetic Children

Prophetically gifted children are born with a special combination of gifts, talents and abilities that make them some of the most unique, creative, and innovative individuals. The supernatural grace on their life allows their innate talents and abilities to become exceptional and above average. Counseling for example is a strong area where prophetically gifted people seem to thrive. Many prophetically gifted children later in life usually make great counselors and advisors. This is biblically true as some of the prophets of old would prophesy and release the Word of the Lord and His counsel to the kings and people would inquire of the prophets and seers because of their supernatural insight. It is not a coincidence that many prophetically gifted people have studied psychology and are counselors. Prophetically gifted children many times are also very gifted in the arts and sciences and have an innate ability to excel in these areas beyond the average person. So it is not shocking that some of the world's greatest scientists, poets, artists, dancers, musicians, songwriters, playwrights, authors and singers are prophetically gifted. Many prophetic children are innovators by nature and some of the most profound inventions, songs, medical breakthroughs, scientific theories, technological concepts, and ingenious ideas have been revealed to prophetically gifted people through dreams and visions. The creativity, wisdom and insight given to prophetically gifted children is astounding as it has helped to continuously progress the spheres of influence in the earth. The fact many people do not recognize these gifts and abilities in themselves let alone their children does not negate the fact that they exist. These supernaturally gifted individuals have a divine purpose and plan that is ordained by God. But sadly both in and out of the church many of these individuals have been mislabeled, mishandled and overlooked. Being rejected and called weird and crazy happens to far too many prophetically gifted people. They are filling up the mental wards because no one around them can understand why they are wired a bit different than everyone else. Many of them are plagued early on by frightening dreams and visions and demonic attacks especially at night. These happenings are not things a person will grow out of but as the door to fear is opened in many cases they can intensify and occur more frequently. Prophetically gifted people are also naturally drawn to the supernatural but sadly the spirit of religion has killed the supernatural in the church leaving no genuine outlet for many prophetic people. This is why many inadvertently fall into occult practices to feed their natural craving of supernatural manifestations and phenomena. For more information on prophetically gifted children please click HERE.

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