Destiny is a War: Fighting for Your Child's Calling

When it comes to your kids and purpose, get ready to go the distance. Destiny is a fight-a war really. Many people live their entire lives never fulfilling purpose. Some, without ever being aware of what their purpose is. Our kids too, often wander, taking stabs at what they believe they are called to do. But what if we could help them stop guessing? What if we could teach them to seek definitive, concrete answers from God? If we could help them tap into theiridentity and understand what they were born to do? We can. Our investment into their destiny can turn confusion to confidence, and wonder to assurance. While we can't do their destiny for them, our support can make all the difference in how they get there.

1. Before everything else, help them get clear about who they are. It’s more important they rely on what gives them value from the inside. Who are they, aside from

their skills and abilities? They should know how to articulate their character and their worth. Do time on your knees ahead of them, getting the strategies you need to bring clarity to their calling. They will have teachers that misunderstand them and peers who devalue them. They may even have siblings who mock them; but as their parent or mentor you must be the one that gets them. As they are growing and maturing they may not always have the faith or the will to fight for themselves. In those moments remind them who they are. Fuel their faith and starve their fears and insecurities. (Key Identity Scriptures: Psalm 139:1-18, 1 Peter 2:9, Psalm 100:3, 1 John 1:12-14, 4:7-21)

2. Know their ordained times and seasons (Ecclesiastes 3). Where do they need to be for purpose and when? Timing is everything. Don't allow them to miss crucial destiny opportunities. Teach them to be aggressive and intentional about being in their place in God, on time.

3. Seek out their resources. God gives your children the resources

they need to fulfill their calling (Ephesians 4:7). Learn about their spiritual resources, helping them to discover where their favor is. And also the specific places God has designated for

their blessings.

4. Set a clear path. "Write the vision, make it plain. (Hab. 2:2) Purpose is intentional and deliberate. Help your kids with the process of elimination. What do they deeply care about versus what they like or are interested in? How do they see God's word coming to pass? What impact with this or that decision have on their future. Make the path to purpose clear and focused. Invest in the time it takes to work through the tough questions, being patient enough to get the answers.

5. Grace, grace and more grace. Sufficient grace is important because the adversary to God’s plan for our lives plays for keeps. Pray for your child’s ability to take on purpose with confidence and finish strong.

"Grace is the power to do what God would do if He were in your shoes." -Dr. Paula Price

Destiny demands endurance. It's the kind of commitment that says ‘I know this is going to take everything I have, but my kids are worth it.’ Get in the trenches with your kids if it means they will be walking in purpose. No retreat no surrender--help them become championsof the life God has called them to live.

Adia Peterson is the founder of KingdomFive Student Ministries and An ordained prophet and children'sminister of over 12 years, she is the director of the Global YouthCollaborative under N.E.A.R. and Dr. Paula Price, of Paula Price Ministries.


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