Prophetic Children & Nature

Nature (definition): the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.

Do you have one of those children who; always want to go to the park, look at the trees and mimic their movements, stare with amazement as they look at the sky and all the patterns of the clouds. You know, that one child who enjoys the wind's breeze as if God himself is blowing on them? Well, it is just not by chance that he or she loves nature, but they are gifted to experience God through nature. We know that God created nature before He created man. This means that nature is the first expression of God as creator in the earth. Nature can be seen as a reflection of God's glory. And because of this, nature is what God can use to speak to His people.

In the Bible God used nature to defeat the enemies of Israel in Exodus 15:3-12.He used nature to bring him praise in Psalm 96:11-13. In Isaiah 55:8-13 nature is used to produce hope in the promises of God. As you can see, nature is important to God. Growing up I used to go outside in the backyard with my little boombox and play my Gospel CD's and dance and sing and lay in the grass looking up at the sky not realizing years later nature itself would be the way that God speaks to me the most. This same love of nature is evident in my children.

Last year in the fall as I was putting my two year old daughter in her car seat, she looked up at the sky and said, "Mommy look the clouds are broken." Me wanting to entertain her imagination I say, "Where Miracle?" She exclaims, "Right there, right there!" I look all around in the sky and could not see what she was talking about. I said, "I can't see it. Where?" She points her little finger up to the sky and says, "Right there mommy! See the clouds are opened a little tiny bit." By this time I wanted to do more than entertain her. I felt in my spirit that she caught a glimpse of something amazing. So, I got out of the car and stood in the parking lot by her window and started asking her to show me. She asked to get out and just then she looks up and says, "Oh my gosh!!!!!!" I'm like, "What?" She says with excitement, "See there it is. It's a horse!" I look up and could clearly see a white cloud shaped as a horse. Then suddenly I began to hear the lyrics to a song, "behold He comes, riding on a cloud, shining......" then the sun began to shine brightly and Miracle said, "Mommy I hear a trumpet!" I instantly knew that my daughter had a prophetic encounter through nature. It is so important for us as parents and adults to tap into the passion of our nature loving children. Take them on walks, plan a hike, go to parks, take a little road trip, let them play in the rain, sit down in the grass with them and watch the clouds go by. And when you do these things make sure you are attentive. Encourage them to expound on what they are seeing, hearing, smelling and sensing while outside. You will be surprised at how God is speaking. Once you do these things, go home and investigate how what they saw, heard, smelled and sensed lines up with the word of God. Take that information back to them and break it down on their level so that they may begin to identify the prophetic voice and presence of God working in their own lives.

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