5 Reasons to Consider Counseling For Your Child

As believers sometimes we underestimate and overlook the necessity for counseling. We know that God is more than able to deliver, heal and set free but this does not make counseling irrelevant or of no use. Counseling is what is needed in the lives of many adults and also many children. Counseling allows a person to deal with their private thought processes, heart issues, erroneous beliefs, and other human frailties. It is important to find a counselor that is a believer so that the foundation of your faith will be reinforced. The issues and situations our children are trying to deal with is beyond them and this is why we should consider counseling. Our children are suffering and it shows in every facet of life. The effects of certain situations can literally take our children down a negative path because they were unable to handle the emotions, hurts, pains and disappointments in their hearts. Listed below are 5 reasons consider getting your child professional help:

1. Abuse [verbal, sexual, physical etc.,]: The scars of abuse can live on in the minds of your child for many years to come. It is so important to get them counseling as early as possible. The negative effects of abuse can destroy the bright future of a more than capable child. Even if the abuse only took place one time it still should not be swept under the rug or expected to be forgotten by your child. Memories live much longer than experiences and encounters. The trauma of abuse has destroyed many lives as innocent children were horribly abused and left to deal with their own issues and pain. 2. Abandonment: Children that have been abandoned by one or both parents need counseling. It is impossible for a small child to be able to properly process and understand being abandoned by people that were supposed to live and cherish them forever. The pain and the ache in their hearts deserve more than a pat on the back and a it will be alright. Children have to learn how to properly handle the fact that their parent(s) have abandoned them otherwise they could end up making the mistake with their own children or even taking their anger and frustration out on their children. People that have been abandoned and that receive no professional help tend to have a very hard time building healthy relationships. 3. Addiction: In our society so many children are growing up to realize that they have a parent or parents that are battling addiction. They need help so that they can avoid making the same mistakes and so that they can find the strength to forgive their parent(s). It is hard for a child to grasp the reason why their parent(s) cannot just sober up and walk away. They need to understand the nature and scope of addiction so that they can realize what is happening in the soul and body of their addicted parent(s). 4. Adultery: Extramarital affairs can be hard enough on the adults but it can be even more traumatic for the children. In the event that children are made aware or are old enough to realize one or both of their parents are having an affair they need counseling. Counseling will help them realize their parents mistake does not have to happen to them. Many children will never look at marriage and relationships the same if they do not receive professional help. 5. Divorce: Many times the drama, pain and emotional stress is so hard on the parents that the effects of divorce on the children is overlooked. Many children have blamed themselves for the divorce of the parents. Divorce effects the entire family and can be devastating to many children. Some feel that they need to choose sides or that they have to play the mediator in the midst of angry parents. Children need to understand how to deal with their thoughts and feelings behind the divorce of their parents.

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